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Every now and then I get annoyed by the way something works, or at simple features that I feel a program should have. This is usually centered around web browsers. When I create one, I usually post it here.

Chrome: New Tabs Always Last

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This is a small extension which moves newly opened tabs to the far right of the tab bar instead of the default behavior which opens a tab to the immediate right of the current tab.

Chrome: The Platform Guy

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This extension is an experiment in using standard webpage layouts as the basis for a 2d platform game. Simply install this extension, then click the action icon while at any http (non-ssl) website. The site will transform into a platformer!

Chrome: URL Button Popup

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This extension opens any URL into an extension-style popup with custom width and height.

Redbean ORM – Stable Beans Plugin

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This plugin for the Redbean ORM system allows developers to declare certain table structures as stable and prevent automatic schema changes from occurring unless allowed.