Design // Game Design

In addition to programming games, I have documented and created game designs. I love experimenting with game ideas and I will be posting my experiments in this area here.

Holy Shiitake – Mellow Mushroom

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For Mellow Mushroom, I architected the core functionality and gameplay of their “Holy Shiitake” game for iOS and Android devices. My development team integrated social networks and the website to handle code redemptions for prize-winning gameplay chances while allowing people without a code to still enjoy the game.

Osmosis – a Raphael.js experiment

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In my quest for the “perfect” casual web game platform, I came across Raphael.js. While it is not perfect, I used it to create a game style I haven’t seen attempted on such a platform.

Documents as level design

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One of my most fun (for me) experiments in game design was my project The Platform Guy. This game was a plugin for the Google Chrome browser. On any website you can click the game button and it will attempt to transform the webpage into a Mario-style platform game using the existing elements in the page.