Applications // MobiRSS – Client-side HTML5 RSS

MobiRSS is a completely client-side RSS reader that uses Google Feed API to process RSS feeds and present them in a mobile-friendly format. It uses HTML5 localStorage to maintain the list of RSS feeds for the user.

Try it at Appin8

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While working at BFG Communcations, I met Chris Lahiri, an extremely talented designer. When he approached me about building out his website design I was of course thrilled. I implemented his beautiful and clean website, offering my feedback and best practices counsil. Recently I converted his site to use CSS media queries to be mobile-optimized while still being easy to manage and update.

ArmALaunch 1.2

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ArmALaunch is a program designed to allow for the easy launch of ArmA Combat Ops with various mods and command line options. It can save multiple ‘favorites’ of your mod configurations so you won’t need tons of desktop icons all dedicated to ArmA!