Applications // MobiRSS – Client-side HTML5 RSS

MobiRSS is a completely client-side RSS reader that uses Google Feed API to process RSS feeds and present them in a mobile-friendly format. It uses HTML5 localStorage to maintain the list of RSS feeds for the user.

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Tac Shooter Alpha

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This is an alpha of a 2d tactical shooter I’ve been working on. Its extremely easy to create maps, and the only thing needed to do so is MS Paint or another paint program. Enemy placement and collision areas, patrol paths etc, are all created by changing a couple images. Give it a try. If you make a level please e-mail it to me!

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Though the original version of this site I worked on has been updated since, I consulted and directed the UX team in best practices and feasibility of implementation. The original client request involved creating a dynamic and procedurally generated path animation between each page of the website and was successfully implemented across all major browsers.