Games // Little Nightmare – Android

Little Nightmare is a challenging action/adventure platformer with retro-style graphics. It comes with several types of enemies, a variety of expansive levels, and several weapon types.

Save yourself from the nightmare invasions of your evil witch sister and her monsters!

Level editor coming soon at! If this game does well I will begin expanding it into a full metroidvania-style sequel.

This game contains cartoon violence & effects.

Get it at the Android Market…

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One of the early major brand websites to heavily feature CSS media queries, this site’s design and implementation won national acclaim in reknowned magazines. While simple by today’s standards, it was a major leap forward for large brands adopting this technique. As the development director for this project, feasibility and usability were my major focuses in implementing a fully functional mobile and desktop website.

Tac Shooter Alpha

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This is an alpha of a 2d tactical shooter I’ve been working on. Its extremely easy to create maps, and the only thing needed to do so is MS Paint or another paint program. Enemy placement and collision areas, patrol paths etc, are all created by changing a couple images. Give it a try. If you make a level please e-mail it to me!