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What started as a small curiosity and proof of concept ended up becoming something that some may find pretty useful.

Gaphack essentially allows execution of arbitrary javascript within the context of the Phonegap / Cordova API. I could see this being useful for developers who want to test project ideas without setting up a full IDE or for utility scripts and portable webservice testing, etc. Hook up a bluetooth keyboard and you can easily code right on your phone as well. The entire Phonegap API is available to the executing script.

Next steps are to create a more robust UI, shared code repository (with ratings), and integrate a plugin to allow raw TCP connections.

It may well work on other platforms that Phonegap supports (maybe even iOS sans-local filesystem access), but I have only tested on Android ICS / JB.

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License: GPLv3



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DriveSpaceAnalyzer is a program which analyzes a folder or drive to determine the size of its subfolders. This is an efficient way to check what folders in your computer are taking up the most space.

MiniCalc 2.0

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MiniCalc is a program that resides in your system tray. By clicking on the tray icon or pressing Control+Shift+C, a small box will show up next to your mouse cursor where you can type various mathematical expressions or run programs.