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Welcome to DracSoft, home to a selection of my freeware and open source software. In addition you will find information regarding security best practices, my process and business analysis experience, and design work. Some of the projects on this site date back 15 years. While most people like to remove their older projects that may reveal their previous lack of experience, I believe it shows my ability to rapidly progress beyond basics and intermediate work into the expert level I am at today. Please feel free to contact me.

Decayed of Zombies – My MMORPG project

Hnefatafl – 3D Mobile App

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Hnefatafl – The 3D mobile board game of the Vikings! Now on the Android Google Play Store. Search apps for “Hnefatafl 3d” This game is a virtual board game set up with Hnefatafl pieces so you can hot seat play with your friends where-ever you happen to be! With full 3d shading and a nice […]


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Built from scratch, this site will pave the way forward for one of the largest auto groups in the southeast. http://www.vadenusedcars.com

Screen Area Zoomer – Enhance your MOBA

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Screen Area Zoomer is a quick program I threw together to enable a zooming larger minimaps and HUD elements that can span across multiple screens. Download Source code (GPL)   Example saz.xml for DOTA 2: <?xml version=”1.0″ standalone=”yes”?> <DocumentElement xmlns=”sazconfig”> <saz> <sx>1586</sx> <sy>50</sy> <sw>340</sw> <sh>800</sh> <dx>1920</dx> <dy>0</dy> <dw>340</dw> <dh>800</dh> </saz> <saz> <sx>0</sx> <sy>800</sy> <sw>280</sw> <sh>280</sh> […]


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What started as a small curiosity and proof of concept ended up becoming something that some may find pretty useful. Gaphack essentially allows execution of arbitrary javascript within the context of the Phonegap / Cordova API. I could see this being useful for developers who want to test project ideas without setting up a full IDE […]

MobiRSS – Client-side HTML5 RSS

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MobiRSS is a completely client-side RSS reader that uses Google Feed API to process RSS feeds and present them in a mobile-friendly format. It uses HTML5 localStorage to maintain the list of RSS feeds for the user.

Little Nightmare – Android

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Little Nightmare is a challenging action/adventure platformer with retro-style graphics. It comes with several types of enemies, a variety of expansive levels, and several weapon types.